UPS-FID Mobile
UPAS-FID 19" Rack or Table Enclosure
UPAS Hydrogen generator

The mobile UPAS-FID is designed for the Standard Reference Meeting (SRM) of hydrocarbons according to DIN EN 12619 and QAL2 / AST

Equipped with a built-in sample gas pump and easy mounting of the accessories, the mobile measurement is quickly set up.

19″ rack mounting or 19″ rack in table housing

  1. 2 x Analog Programmable Outputs
  3. USB Host
  4. QAL1 / DIN EN 15267 – 3: 2008; DIN 12619:2013

Hydrogen generator capacity 100 or 250 ml/min.

  1. In 19″ rack version,
  2. Standalone version
  3. Integrated with FID.
  4. Available with span gas and external zero gas pressure regulators and space for high pressure cylinders