Rental Analysis equipment for TOC - VOC measurements with FID

We rent out installations for indoor and outdoor use for temporary measurements of hydrocarbons in waste gas.

– Suitable for suction from Atex Zone 1 and 2.
– Always install the appliance outside the Atex Zone
– Sample gas pipes of 3 and 9 meters with integrated filter. (not ATex)
– Atex Measuring gas pipes of 10 and 15 meters
– 1 or 2 measuring flows with heated switching valve (efficiency determination gas treatment in-output]
– Measuring range from] 0-10 mg to 100,000 mg Organic carbon /Nm3

Our rental equipment for Total CxHy is certified according to:
– MCERTS Performance standards and test procedures (CEMS) and transportable-CEMs (T-CEMS), 2020
– EN 15267-2:2007, DIN EN15267-3:2007,
– QAL 1 as defined in EN 14181: 2014

Measurement of Total Hydrocarbon minus Methane (NMHC)
– Double detector version for continuous measurement of TOC-CH4

For environmental measurements up to 16 measuring points
– Unheated suction pipes.
– Automatic switching and programmable settings for purge and measuring time per measuring point

Measuring socket CxHy


  • The device or trailer is placed outside the ATEX zone.
  • The sample gas is drawn in via electrically heated sample gas lines to prevent condensation.
    • The maintenance temperature of these pipes must be at least 10 degrees above the expected condensation point.
  • If these sample gas pipes go through or to an Atex Zone, they must be Atex certified.
  • Delivery including utilities (Hydrogen generator, calibration gas, laptop for data logging, WIFi and 4G internet connection with router.
  • Laptop takes care of the data logging and remote operation (via Anydesk) so that you can follow up the measurements yourself and SK-Benelux can operate and monitor the device remotely.
  • The Hydrogen generator has a stand-time of 4 weeks, with a rental> A maintenance visit follows 4 weeks to replace the desiccant and replenish distilled water.
  • Alternative B50 Cylinder Hydrogen Q5.0 standing time 3 months to be provided by tenant.
  • Installation B50 Cylinder Hydrogen Q5.0 at the expense of the tenant.

We take care of the delivery and installation on site, connections and commissioning.

TOC measurement
TOC measurement