Product Overview


UPAS System

Analyzers and Sampling

The Thermo-FID is used for the most diverse industrial applications. The possibilities range from R&D, Emission and Imission, LEL monitoring of explosive levels and MAC values to waste gas analysis for the chemical and automotive industry. Process optimization and efficiency control is also an application for which the Thermo-FID is frequently used.

The new analytical platform UPAS developed by SK-Elektronik GmbH has the ability to integrate multiple analytical solutions for your measurement. The overall graphical user interface can be adapted to your specific needs and shows a number of custom options. Feel free to contact us for your specific system integration project.

  • Heated sample gas lines and probes.
  • Flame barriers for sampling from Zone 1&2
  • Sample gas lines and probes for installation in Atex zone 1&2
  • TCD Analyzer
  • TOC Analyzer
  • Hydrogen (Hydrogen) TCD Analyzer