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Mevia Inspections
Partner of SK-B?

MEA Techniek and Earth Basics are experienced, innovative and independent specialists for solving odor and emission problems/issues for SMEs and industry.
MEA Techniek supports its customers throughout the entire process, from research to project realization and maintenance contracts.
MEA Techniek provides the measurement of hydrocarbons with the certified FID Analyzers from SK-Benelux.

Mevia Inspecties BV is an ISO 9001 and SCIOS certified inspection company focused on carrying out the safety inspections and emission measurements required by the government on gas and diesel-fired installations.
Environment, Energy , Safety, I nspection & Advice .
With certified equipment from SK-Benelux, Mevia provides inspection and reporting according to SCIOS scope 6 emission measurements.

As a partner of SK-B using our equipment for total hydrocarbon (CxHy) measurements, it is possible to request a link to your website here.