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More than 30 years of work experience; specifically with FID analyzers for total hydrocarbons.

Ons FID Museum
Compur FID and Multi-FID
Hydrogen generator with calibration gas and zero air
PCB manufacturing

As founder of SK-Benelux I explain ” our work experience” on this page.

Started a long time ago at Shell Pernis with training in process technology. After 5 years of wandering at 2 trading companies, started in early 1980 for Buveco Netherlands as general manager for Buveco Belgium, a company founded by Alberik Buve, the owner at the time. Changed employer in 1998 to Elsag Baily Hartmann & B raun Wilrijk ( EBHB = taken over by ABB at the end of 1998). In 2016, SK-Benelux BV was founded together with SK-Elektronik Gmbh Lever Cushion.

We now provide maintenance with specialized technicians. service, rental and sales for our clientele in the Benelux.

History FID Museum: Buveco Belgium was, among other things, an agent for Compur Monitors Gmbh ( Compur Monitors GmbH & Co. KG; Founded by Friedrich Deckel in 1898 and became unknown famous for the invention of diaphragm shutters for cameras.

Compur Monitors was associated with Bayer AG, Process Analytics Technology (PAT) division, in 1978. The result , among other things, is the Compur FID introduced in the mid-1980s.

This device as well as its successor Multi-Fid conquered the German market, resulting in a takeover by Hartmann & Braun in 1993.

Hartmann & Braun retained this concept for the current “ Advance Optima Multi-FID” and sold all other gas detection products to the General Management of the still existing company Compur Monitors Gmbh. Buveco Netherlands is also still active in gas detection in ambient air.

The founder Melchior Kahl (at that time working for Bayer AG – PAT) of the Compur FID decided to develop a new FID and founded the company Mess- & Analyzentechnik GmbH for this purpose. With SK-Electronik Gmbh as its location, that company has supplied the printed circuit board components for Compur devices for decades.

M ess- & Analyzentechnik GmbH has since been acquired by SK-Elektronik Gmbh, Melchior Kahl is retired but still working part-time on developing new FIDs such as the UPAS