Specialist for FID analyzers for the measurments of hydrocarbons

FID for TOC measurement
As partner of SK-Elektronik GmbH, Leverkussen Germany we provide the sales, rental, service and maintenance of gas-analyzers for the measurement of total hydrocarbons [ TOC / VOC / VOS / CxHy ] in proces, emission and environmental air.
Our company delivers and maintain the complete equipment with integrated sample systems in combination with met analyzers based on the Flame Ionisation Detector principle.
For temporary projects we have a rental service for FID's including sample systems, utilities and support on site.

Our location in Etten-Leur has all the facilities for assembly, repair and testing of complete analysis systems.
Almost 40 years of work experience in measuring hydrocarbons in waste gas cleaning, emission and immission in a measuring range 0-1 ppm C3H8 to 100 gr Total org C/Nm3.
Examples of applications:

- monitoring of VOC on RTO, Catox, VRU, DVI, activated carbon filters and scrubbers
- TOC in steam and condensate
- VOC minus Methane [non methane]
- Emission measurement according to;
- NEN-EN 15267-1 :2007
- NEN-EN 15267-2:2007
- NEN-EN 15267-3:2007
- NEN-EN 14181-2014
CxHy in 100% Hydrogen
We will advise you for any specific application free of charche

Full system integration of FID analyzers including housing, I/Os and accessories

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